Take off to the World and the 21st Century with The Power of a Single Grain

The YAEGAKI Group,with a history of more than 340 years since its establishment in 1666, cherishes one phrase-“The Power of a Single Grain".
Just as we value the power of a single grain of rice in the production of sake, we value each individual employee,making it possible for them to develop their capabilities.
We also foster our own original techniques one by one,developing them to a higher level and pass unique,genuine products on to the next generation.
Keeping these words in our hearts,we are promoting internationalization and advanced information systems in the entire YAEGAKI Group.
We hope you will see YAEGAKI’s "power of a single grain" in the coming years.

代表取締役社長/C.E.O 長谷川 雄三


Company Name YAEGAKI Bio-industry, Inc.
Established 1 October 1979
Group Capital 137.5 million yen
Group Turnover 5,000 million yen
Headquarter 681 Mukudani, Hayashida, Himeji 679-4298 Japan
Telephone +81 79 268 8070
Fax +81 79 268 8065
The Natural Solutions for Healthy living;
Creating the Future

YAEGAKI Bio-industry, Inc. is devoted to bringing you quality natural food ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle.
Our R&D team works with a diverse range of microorganisms(lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, koji and etc)that has been proven to be safe for human consumption, and in collaboration with external research institutes, we are committed to discovering and developing the functional ingredients that will add value to the food products. By leveraging these R&D resources and unique culture techniques, such as liquid cuiture of mushroom mycelium and high concentration culture of special lactic acid bacteria, our goal is to provide innovative health food products, offering a different choice for the customers.


Our Heritage; A History of Excellence
YAEGAKI is a leading R&D manufacturer of health food ingredients and natural colours in Japan with a portfolio of unique products unrivaled in industry.

Our core competencies in microbial & fermentation technology are built on brewing expertise inherited from our parent company, YAEGAKI Sake & Spirits, Inc., one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan, founded in 1666.

In 1970, we have pioneered the world's first Monascus colour by applying the koji fermentation technique and have since grown to gain a significant share of the natural colour market in Japan by providing numerous natural colours such as Gardenia and Safflower that meet market needs.

In 1987, a multidisciplinary laboratory was opened to develop functional ingredients, such as liquid-cultured mushroom mycelium products, lactic acid fermentation products, chitosan and glucosamine, to meet the demands for healthy and safe products and this has enabled us to hold a strong position in the health food products market.

In 1987, the company's first automated plant was opened in Yasutomi to focus on quality control as well as R&D.

We have obtained the ISO9001 certification in 2001 and the FSSC22000 certification in 2012.